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Focus on the execution. We take care of the data complexity.

Who we Are

We are a company led by engineers specialized in the development and valuation of infrastructure projects. We have a young team willing to give flexibility and innovate in the solutions we offer to clients.

Our mission as a company is to be able to streamline processes during the development of infrastructure projects, reducing resources and time.

Through the Project Toolkit© tool, a project control system in the cloud developed entirely by our team, we manage to efficiently process key processes in the development of projects, managing a large amount of data and users.

We work with all types of companies that develop infrastructure products such as mining, electrical, logistics, chemical, among others.


Our Services

Software as service

We do not offer IT products or software, we offer solutions. Our systems cover the entire spectrum of information and data from generation to final analysis and reporting, in a flexible and adaptive way.

Big Data

We have the ability to manage and analyze large amounts of data, from the most diverse sources, and deliver the information our customers need.

Consulting and business intelligence

We provide consulting services in financial modeling of infrastructure projects, risk analysis, cost estimates, customized tools in Excel and Power BI, and personalized studies.

Custom Solutions

We customize our services to the needs of our clients. Our systems are developed in such a way that they are highly adaptable.

Project Toolkit©

Cloud-based System developed entirely by Austral Services for project control, besides having all the rights of exploitation on it. This system automates completely the reportability and the online control of approval.


All project data in one place. The large amount of data and the diversity of its origin and nature makes the handling of information something of great complexity, for which many resources are needed. Project Toolkit makes it possible through models and rules established by the user.


All the information of your project is saved safely. We use encrypted communications and storage so that the data is out of reach of third parties. Besides, we offer the option of authentication via tokens if you require additional security.


All the projects are different, so our system and our services are highly adaptable to the requirements of the clients. This includes flexible databases, personalized reportability, different logics and project nomenclature.


Engineering Control and Contracts. Use of Project Toolkit © for personalized control and reportability.
Black & Veatch
Operations Manager
Use for the control of a USD 8,000 million portfolio of projects. Standardized reportability and centralized management of data collected from the portfolio.
Planning and management of portfolio resources of 140 minor projects.

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  • Mar Jonico 7844, Santiago, Chile (HQ)
  • +56 9 864 473


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